June 15, 2016


Parent Handbook 2020-2021
Good Shepherd Preschool
28986 SE Haley Rd
Boring, OR 97009

Dear Good Shepherd Preschool Families,
It is a pleasure to welcome you to Good Shepherd Preschool. Our hope and prayer is that you may experience the love of God in all that we do during your time with us!

Mission Statement:

Good Shepherd Preschool is a private, evangelical preschool providing excellence in a Christian educational foundation. The teaching and learning focuses on a quality, well-rounded preschool environment that values godly character and parental involvement.


Good Shepherd Preschool’s program combines an early childhood education with Bible-based principles and teaching. Its curriculum allows children the opportunity to explore areas of language, math, art and science with developmentally appropriate activities. Its focus is developing the whole child with an emphasis on kindergarten readiness, spiritual and social development. Its goal is to provide a safe and fun learning environment that creates a love for learning at a child’s young age.

We model and teach Christian faith principles such as love, patience, kindness, compassion, goodness, self-control, gentleness, forgiveness, faithfulness, joy and humility.

Good Shepherd Preschool believes that children are a precious gift from God and therefore is committed to the development of the whole child. We strive to provide a program that will not only meet basic needs but also nurture the social, emotional, cognitive, physical and spiritual development of each child. We are committed to building a sense of trust, respect, and “at home feeling” between staff, children, and parents through open communication and by providing qualified staff trained in early childhood education, who are committed to partnering with individual families to provide the best possible environment for each child.

Children in the preschool ages of development learn best through actual experience and participation. We will provide daily opportunities for multi-sensory learning experiences and developmentally appropriate activities that focus on oral language development and social interaction that will allow for success and encourage advancement in all areas of your child’s growth and development. Their play is their work. We will communicate with families using many delivery methods, and in doing so Good Shepherd Preschool staff will maintain confidentiality and privacy at all times. Growth in the young child occurs in developmental stages, with each new stage built sequentially upon the last.

Sample Daily Schedule:

Drop Off
(This will be a transition time for the children to say goodbye to their parents and hello to their teachers.)
Prayer/Circle Time/Calendar/Jobs
Story Time/Bible Time/Music Time
Table Work/Curriculum
(Letters, Numbers, Colors, Shapes, Cutting, Tracing, etc.)
Recess/Clubhouse Playtime
Recess/Clubhouse Playtime
Table Work/Curriculum
(Letters, Numbers, Colors, Shapes, Cutting, Tracing, etc.)
Open Play
Clean-up/Backpacks/Circle Time
11:45am Parent Pick-up

Admission Requirements
Children at Good Shepherd Preschool are grouped according to age. In order for your child to be admitted to one of our classes he/she must have reached the age of 3 by September 1st.

Potty Training Requirements:
All children attending pre-school must be potty trained before they can attend.
There are strict guidelines for changing and disposing of diapers when children are being changed in a classroom and we aren’t equipped to take on that task. When an adult is changing a child’s diaper, it is taking away from learning time from all students.
Children must be wearing underwear with very few accidents. A child having accidents daily would not be considered potty trained. Please note that wearing pull ups isn’t considered being potty trained.

Registration for each new school year begins in January. Currently enrolled GSS families will have first opportunity to enroll their children for the following year. Registration forms and fees must be submitted together by the registration deadline. After the in-house registration deadline, open registration will begin. During open registration, registration forms and fees will be accepted together. Priority will be given to those on the waiting list. After the waiting list has been exhausted, forms and fees will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Unless paid in full before the year begins, all payments are made through an automatic bank account deduction on the 2nd of each month. Any payments returned for any reason will be assessed an automatic $5 fee to re-run it.

The classroom will be open for children to enter at 8:30 AM. Before that time our teachers will be busy preparing for the day.
State law requires that your child be signed in and out each day. Therefore, we ask that you (or the designated person bringing your child to school) walk your child into the classroom and sign the daily Sign In/Sign Out form.

Children should be dressed in comfortable, washable play clothes appropriate for the season. This includes shoes suitable for running and jumping.
We ask that each child have an extra set of clothing to be kept at school.
All clothing items must be labeled with your child’s name. Good Shepherd Preschool is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Toys from Home
We ask that personal toys or treasures be kept at home since we cannot insure their safety while at school. On designated sharing days your child may bring one special sharing item, such as a personal or family photo, a special science find, a favorite book or other item of interest.

Your child will have a cubby or folder in the classroom. Please check it daily for school communication and art work. Private communications must be approved by the director prior to being placed in cubbies.

Birthday Policy
Your child’s special day is important and we want to celebrate with you. On this day your child may bring a special item to show how much they’ve grown such as a baby picture, baby boots, favorite toy, etc. They may also bring a special snack for the class if they would like.

Please pack a snack for your child each school day & a water bottle.
**We have a no nut policy for snacks. Please check packages.**
If your child has food allergies, PLEASE let us know IMMEDIATELY so that we can take extra caution checking other students snacks.

Dismissal time from our Preschool morning is 11:45 AM. We can only release children to a pre-authorized adult. This means either you, someone on your authorized list or someone that you have notified us about in writing before the time of pick-up. Authorized persons will be required to show a picture I.D. before the child will be released. It would be a good idea for you to let anyone who may need to pick up your child know of this necessity so that they will be prepared with their I.D.
Your child must be signed out in the daily attendance book each day. It is also a good idea to make quick contact with the teacher to acknowledge you’re leaving each day.

Weather Related Closure
During severe weather warnings or conditions, Good Shepherd Preschool will follow the lead of the Gresham/Barlow School District.

Student Behavioral Expectations and Responsibilities
Good Shepherd Preschool emphasizes developing the godly character of children. We expect students to take responsibility for their behavior by making choices that demonstrate attitudes and actions that honor the Lord, their parents and one another. We look to Jesus and God’s Word for our example of setting standards and expectations for student behaviors.

Students are expected to have an attitude of mutual respect in all relationships.
Student to staff, Student to student & student to adult

We encourage students to follow the golden rule principle, “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”

This includes:
Building one another up, Believing the best of others & Supportive relationships

It is the policy of Good Shepherd Preschool to maintain the highest standards of health and wellness for our children and to exercise the utmost caution in the prevention and spread of communicable disease. Therefore, we want you to know and understand the well-child guidelines that we have established and that will be implemented with regard to sick children at our school. It is MOST IMPORTANT that you make every effort to follow these guidelines!

Children with one or more of the following symptoms should not be brought to school.
• A fever of 100 degrees or higher, (taken by auxiliary method), within the past 24 hours.
• A skin rash that has not been identified either through a phone call or in writing from a physician who has seen the rash.
• Vomiting/diarrhea within the past 24 hours.
• Evidence of head lice or other parasite infestation.
• Severe coughing.
• Persistent sore throat or difficulty swallowing.
• Nose congestion that produces a thick mucus.
• Rapid or difficult breathing.
• Conjunctivitis – inflammation of the eye.
• Excessive fatigue or feeling uncomfortable.
• Untreated and infected skin patches.

Sick Child Procedure
Any child who appears mildly ill while at school will be cared for in the child’s classroom and will be closely observed. A child who is suspected of having any symptoms of communicable disease, will be removed from the classroom and supervised while a parent or emergency contact is called for pick up.

Re-admittance after Illness
Children may return to GSP one full day after symptoms have disappeared:
• Child feels well enough to participate in routine activities.
• Temperature returns to normal without the use of non- prescriptive medications such as Tylenol and decongestants. Typically, temperatures rise in the afternoon. The “one full day” rule ensures the child is without a temperature for 24 hours.
• Bowel movements are normal. When a child returns after a diarrhea bout, it is a provisional return. If a child experiences another bout of diarrhea, he or she must be picked up.
• Child has kept down solid foods and has not vomited for 24 hours.
• Rash or skin infection is dry, completely scabbed over and no longer draining. All evidence of lice or other parasites is gone.
• Prescribed medication – antibiotics – have been administered for one full day.
• Eyes are dry, clear and not swollen or puffy.

It is preferable that medications be given at home. Medication will only be given at school when absolutely necessary. When medications must be administered at school, they may be given to a child only with both a physician’s written permission and the parent’s written permission on the school medication form that is supplied by the school. Medications must have a prescription label indicating the child’s name and date.
Your cooperation in carrying out the above health policy will insure a healthy and happy environment for all our children.